Bringing years of study with Ireland’s world famous concertina master, Noel Hill, Doc Probes serves as the backbone of Finnegan. He is highly proficient on concertina, mandolin and pennywhistle. He has played in Irish Traditional Music “sessions” from coast to coast and can keep up with the best players in the country. His wife, Donna, accompanies him on guitar and Irish bouzouki. The two can fill any venue with sound and energy.

What sets this duo apart is their beautiful harmony singing on a collection of Irish ballads and humorous songs. Doc and Donna blend their voices, forming a lush sound that is guaranteed to elicit emotion. Their warm and engaging stage presence along with excellent musicianship provide the perfect combination for a great show.  Finnegan can be expanded to four players by adding an Irish harp and fiddle.

LISTEN TO “Danny Boy”
LISTEN TO “Lilting Banshee-Eavesdropper-Morrison’s”