Meet the artists who make up the different musical ensembles we offer.
All are seasoned performers who have been delighting audiences for many decades.

Lawrence "Doc" Probes Northern Michigan Musician

Lawrence “Doc” Probes is a graduate of Interlochen Center for the Arts where he attended both the Camp and Academy. As a bassoonist, he earned his way through medical school playing in symphonies. He plays guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, piano, concertina, and pennywhistle. He has performed throughout Michigan for more than 30 years and has played in Irish traditional music “sessions” across the country. When not playing music, he serves as a Psychiatrist in Traverse City.

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Donna Wilson Probes is the founder of the Grand River Folk Arts Society. She has performed on stages across the state of Michigan in eight ensembles. She plays guitar, mountain dulcimer, bouzouki, autoharp, and bodhran.  Over the course of her musical career, she has taught music lessons, written and produced radio jingles, been an impresario, and done extensive studio singing. She holds a B.A. in music and an M.B.A.  She served as Director of Special Events for Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Jim Hawley has won the hearts of audiences from coast to coast and spent many years in the big time arena of popular music opening for acts such as Jimmy Buffett and Steve Miller. Following a successful career as a recording artist and national touring musician, Jim moved from Nashville, Tennessee to Traverse City, Michigan. With a loyal following, he performs regularly as a solo artist and is booked almost every night of the week during peak season. When not playing music, he owns and operates Independence Title Services, INC.   Visit his website:

LaCross-448Dave Swan plays “Big Bertha” the stand-up bass with style and class. In addition to being a regular Celtic session player he also loves folk music. He is equally at home on the electric bass, especially when playing with his classic rock band “Geezer.”  When not playing music, he is a dentist with Traverse Dental Associates.


Meet the next generation of musicians who join the various ensembles
as often as they can.

Kelly Shugart Wagner is the daughter of Doc and Donna. She joins the Cherry Blossom Ramblers family band whenever possible. Her beautiful voice won her many lead roles in her high school musicals. She has charmed audiences all over the state with her beautiful smile and expressive musical style. She has served on music worship teams since she was 15. Although music is a passion, she works professionally as the assistant editor for a technical magazine and has taught high school physics.

James Clark Hawley III began his musical career with lessons at age four. He performs regularly with his Dad, Jim Hawley, at venues all over the Traverse City area. Many well known local musicians have noticed his talent and invited him to play with them. He has been part of musical ensembles in high school and college and has served on the music worship teams.  He will soon complete his studies to be a Registered Nurse.